Elle Fanning “My Clothes Are too Weird for Dakota”

In case you have been living in Alaska with no TV for the past year, you know just how much of a Fashionista Style Star Elle Fanning has become. She’s not only sat front row at fashion shows and hobnobbed with the designers, she’s developed a Passion for Fashion (in the words of Kanye West). Her older sister Dakota told Teen Vogue “Elle knows every single model, collection, and she appreciates the workmanship and creativity of Great Clothes & Style.”

She often steals away to her sister’s closet and nabs a dress or seven. But in a new interview with ASOS magazine, Elle says that the clothes-sharing is a one-way street. Let’s take a blast from the past and see these red carpet looks in pre-Fashion Madonna stages.
Elle Fanning and her sister Dakota cover the 2011 Issue of W Magazine

March 2007 Kids Choice Awards
January 07 Sundance

2005 Dream Benefit Fundraiser

2003 Uptown Girls Premier


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