Braxton Family Values- Season 2- Episode 11

Last night on ‘Braxton Family Values,’ the sisters meet with their therapist Dr. Sherry to discuss their emotional conflicts with each other. Yeah I think I have a problem with Toni’s comments to Tracey because of the fact that Dr Sherry said to DISCUSS personal Conflict with the sister. So really Toni’s Personal Conflict with Traci is Traci’s weight? So is it that Toni can’t even see her problems with her sister clearly until Traci looses 20-40 lbs? Did Traci say “I’m totally different from these fools?” Hmmm Dr Sherry you said what Toni said is coming away from an honest place. Really? Is that your professional opinion? I don’t hear any comments from you on each person’s delivery. How about getting to the emotional part of Traci’s well being and getting at what if anything is on her mind that conflicts with their ability to communicate. Yes maybe since Tamar likes to talk and POP then she doesn’t want to hear that she POPS… being a Talkative person it’s offensive when somebody says “SHut Up!” It’s hard to hear and it’s mean. (Whether it’s true or not). Towanda seemed to handle well that she needs to move out and perhaps she has been gearing her mind to move and just needed to actually hear it from Trina do move forward. Also perhaps Towanda did need to be close to Trina living with her so that Trina would also have a shoulder to lean on. I do think Towanda would have felt better if Trina could have felt close enough to her to discuss prior to the therapy meeting….
BFVS02E11 by YardieGoals
So when Traci gets ANGRY she gets ANGRY! Poor Traci she does need to close that door about the past. Traci perhaps would have worked harder to loose the weight if everyone would have made her feel part of the team. Maybe she wouldn’t have wanted to be in the photoshoot or travel everywhere BUT she would have still have been “PART of the GROUP”. Also IF it would have BEEN HER CHOICE…to be in and out of the group or to decide that it wasn’t going to work then it’s a BIG difference then MAKING the DECISION for Traci. It’s just that she wasn’t accepted as a Sister Unconditionally and she wasn’t accepted into the GROUP UNCONDITIONALLY and now She’s still not being accepted for who she is TODAY right Now by her Own sister with Toni still telling her what physical aspect of her life that she needs to change. Traci don’t wanna hear that! She knows what she needs to do.
BFVS02E11 by YardieGoals
I LOVE THE COMPLAINT JAR IDEA! Great thinking Towanda! Ok so I’m not done…Tamar you can’t tell Toni she is “OLD and OVER” when you get upset with her because that’s just mean. Sometimes keeping it real does go wrong.

One more question.
Trina. What is scrumpdoliocious?


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