Ice Cube “On the Road” to Billions! Rapper/Producer/ Father/ScreenWriter/ Producer/HNIC/

Terry Shropshire is becoming our favorite contributor! He just did the best write up on my South Central Homie! We Be Clubbin!!!!Check out what he had to say!

For those who came up through the years with Ice Cube  (and the Lynch Mob- Be Jacking Fo Beats) The Good Ole Days… okok ok.. back to our regularly scheduled article…As Terry was saying Ice Cube……and have followed his multi-pronged career, you’d be lying if you thought that he’d wind up where he is today, especially after starting out barking for folks to “F— Tha Police” as a teenager with the seminal rap group NWA.

The brother with one of the most authoritative and recognizable deliveries in hip hop history – Cube is listed as the 8th greatest rapper of all time by MTV – has mostly shed that menacing scowl and furrowed brow along with the pro-black race-tinged rhetoric that was so much apart of his makeup in the late 80s/early 90s. Today, Ice Cube is a highly-respected screenwriter, producer, movie director and sitcom creator, and no one saw that coming from the former gangsta rapper from the concrete jungles of SoCal who, along with his crew, initiated the West Coast G-Funk era and inundated the land with their brand of street poetry. Ice Cube is truly the Man of 2012!


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