Trina Braxton “New Music Video ” – Party or Go Home – This PopSTAR has Arrived!

The Red Carpet Slave was definitely in the building this weekend w/Photos By Nadia catching all the Great Looks Designer Reco Chapelle (Atlanta Celebrity Designer/Stylist) dressed the beautiful Trina Braxton in for each scene of her new Music Video (Party of Go Home). (That Red Cat Suit was EVERYTHING Reco!)

Available now on iTunes, even though its early this song is surely to become the Summer National Anthem! There was so much energy on the set! A HOT SEXY TRINA BRAXTON as we well as “The Red Carpet Slave” has never seen this eccentric side of Ms BRAXTON if you Nasty! When you see the steamy love scenes you will definitely see where I am coming from.

After Derek Blanks (Celebrity Photographer in Atlanta – turned Celebrity Music Video Director) puts his finishing touches on this High Energy Video I’m sure there’s a few Music Video directors out there that MIGHT GET NERVOUS! For a very good reason too. #Imjustsayin. Derek Blanks used Tim Barnett Design Studio to create this Monster Video Project! We know everything Derek Blanks puts his flash on Turns to (THE COVER of MAGAZINES). Oh yeah, he is on the Red Carpet Slave 2013 Watch List for Directors to Watch Out For!

Back to the Pop Princess aka the Black Britney Spears (as she was quoted on Braxton Family Values) stating this is definitely her alter EGO! Can we expect this alter Ego Portrait from D Blanks as well?

Trina Braxton obviously had a Monster Glam Squad. Hair by Toshi , Glitz and Glammed out nail tech on deck, make up by Calvin (Yall know Calvin right?)He Definitely Beat Those Faces! and Bosslady Sister Towanda Braxton was checking everyone stepping out of line. Of course she couldn’t check them in a VERY GORGEOUS Black Sequinned Cat Suit. With a Booty like that? WOW! Traci Braxton was on deck for support as well her Ms Evelyn’s “Friend” Doc, family, photographers, media, and a HOST dance crew choreographed by the infamous “Victor Jackson”.

We noticed a couple Brand Product placements by Grey Goose Spirits and Miller Coors, (not sure if these were official sponsors of the Video or what) I do not like leaving out Sponsors in a post (then come the emails) . I loved what I saw Trina B. Can’t wait til the finished project! Signing Out! oh and Thank You “Photos by Nadia” for the pics. I definitely didn’t want to go home after the shoot. Party or Go Home on iTunes. Grap it! Download it today!

Nice Meeting you “Toshi” (on far right)! Everyone’s (Trina, Towanda & Traci’s) and the dancers Hair was Amazing!)


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