Brass Knuckles???? What!! It’s a 4 Finger Ring People – 2 Chainz Still in Jail

What’s it gonna take Artists, Rappers, Athletes, anybody with a little Relevance? If you are a person of color ESPECIALLY a black male. If you have a lot of $$$$. Especially one that’s In-The-Press Constantly. You getting searched! You getting Extra Searched! You getting pulled over! It’s Going Down Dawg! PLEASE LET US NOT BE THE REASON! #Get-It-Together

#1 Check the Team – Have people in your circle that check you out when you are not checking.
#2 Come on now. I even take my earrings off when I walk through them detectors. NOT METAL NO GOLD NO CHAINS Especially if your name 2Chainzzzzzz! Take em off
#3 Have a personal assistant carrying that bag anyway. Let them get taken in. (come on now) you can afford to bail them out. (just kidding / but seriously)
#4 THINK! THINK BLACK! Think like you about to get stripped searched at the airport & travel accordingly.
#5 Live a good life . Karma is not your color. God don’t like ugly. He ain’t crazy bout the pretty and he don’t give a $#%&! about the Fashionable

Travel Responsibly

Advice From the Red Carpet Slave,


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