$30 Million Liebel Lawsuit filed by “RHOA” attorney Phaedra Parks

Well shut the front door! $30 Million Stacks???? See that’s when somebody den done somebody wrong.  Now what could somebody have said about the Southern Bell Mrs Phaedra Parks to tick her off ?? Because “Everybody Knows….a lady with stature as Mrs Phaedra Parks will not let such accusations that took place as mentioned in the AJC

According to the AJC ““Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Phaedra Parks has filed a $30 million lawsuit against Vibe Holdings, which operates Vibe.com, Uptown Magazine, and Augustus Publishing, saying the outlet has published lies about her to generate interest in a book.”

The lawsuit, filed this week, demands a jury trial, $5 million in compensatory and $25 million in punitive damages, and retractions. To read the entire story please visit  http://blogs.ajc.com/the-buzz/2012/05/25/real-housewife-phaedra-parks-files-30-million-libel-lawsuit/?cxntlid=thbz_hm


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