Sean Kingston the Deadbeat Tenant! YOU RUINED MY MANSION!

Shaking my head! I had to shake it so hard that I absolutely had to spell the entire phrase out. Really Sean Kingston? I mean it’s not the fact that you are a celebrity its the fact that you #RACHEEETTTTTTTTT!  According to TMZ Sean Kingston moved into a $25,000 per month mansion and STANKED IT ALL 2 Be D#$%! Him and his Momma. What kind of home training is that. Read On.

TMZ... “Sean Kingston is the tenant from hell — at least according to a Miami landlord, who claims the singer rented her giant $25,000-a-month mansion last year, trashed the place, and skipped out on a $70,000 bill.

As we reported, Sean fled Miami last fall because of nightmares stemming from his horrific jet ski crash months prior — Sean couldn’t stand the constant sound of the ocean, so he moved to Hollywood.

But according to a new lawsuit, filed in Miami, Sean and his mother — who was also living in the house — left behind a trail of destruction … broken landscaping lights, sprinkler heads, holes in the wall, and broken railing around the waterfront dock.

The landlord claims Sean and his mother caused $21,397 in damages to the property — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg … because when they suddenly left the house in October, they allegedly breached the rental agreement by taking off before the lease was up.

Per the rental agreement, the landlord claims Sean owes two months rent — $50,000 to be exact — for ditching early … on top of the property damages … PLUS $2,400 in past due rent.

All told, the landlord wants $73,816.85. Calls to Kingston’s reps were not returned. Double SMH!



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