Brandy Doing Her Own Thang With Producer Bangladesh!

R & B Diva Brandy has everyone awaiting her new Hit Single “Put Em Down” song Produced by “Bangladesh”. The release of her album is set for June 2012. When will the video be shot Brandy? It will be really good to see an artist feature her producer in the video like it used to be in the days of Da’Brat, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara  (always paying homage to producers like Jermaine Dupri, Jazzy Phae, etc) Or was this just a Southern Hip Hop Thing?

Brandy recently spoke to Necole Bitchie and was asked about Monica/Brandy Tour- here is what she said “Um, honestly, we haven’t really talked about it since we stopped promoting “It All Belongs to Me.” I just honestly think Monica and I are in different places in our music. And my vibe is a little bit different this time around so I don’t know. I kind of wanna do my own thing. I definitely feel like the fans would want a tour from us, but I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being pulled in a different direction. I’m definitely still open to it, but right now I’m looking in a different way right now for me.

Yeah this definitely sounds like the way to go BranBran! Good decision. Seems you got a slamming album waiting to drop and it’s your time to SHINE SHINE like never before. We are anxiously awaiting to hear ALL THE HITS!  Seems you had some top notch folks in the lab. Batman and Robin (Sean Garrett – song writer) and Bangladesh (the hit making producer with THEM BEATS FO DAT A$$$$$$) . Hurry up with the release Brandy! We are waiting patiently!!!

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