Mary J Blige – Who’s Really Running the Charity? Or NOT Paying the Bills?

It’s been reported that Mary J Blige’s Charity is being sued for Not Paying the Bills. Could this be another case of “someone hired and running the charity into the ground”? Possibly some family member authorizing things with no approval. SMH! Why is it that when people are given a responsibility they never think about when its neglected the BIG CELEBRITY NAME is the one that gets tarnished? Never the person who dropped the ball. What happened Mary? Let’s read what blogger Freddy O had to report on this.

Mary J. Blige’s charity, meant to empower women, has missing money and unpaid bills, including:

*Jay-Z gave FFAWN $25,000 and Stoute $35,000 in 2009. Gucci ponied up $50,000 and Walmart $33,500 that year

* $60,000 raised by sales of perfume that is unaccounted for

* An unpaid bill of $167,252 for musicians who played at a 2011 benefit concert

* Default on a bank loan of $250,000

* $18,000 spent on a press conference in 2008

Whoa Mary!!!  Rad the rest of this story over at the NYPost.



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