Bangladesh Records – Put It Down – Brandy ft’ Chris Brown

Everyone is awaiting the radio release and Explosion of Brandy’s new album. The one day the 1st song from the album “Put It Down” hit the Blogaphere and websites the internet went wild. Hurry up with the Video Brandy “Put It Down” ft. Chris Brown who co-wrote w/Sean Garrett . Bangladesh did his thing on the beat and the rest is Music History. See you at the top of the Billboard charts when this song hits radio. But this is nothing compared in what’s yet to come from the Lab of the Bangladesh Record Label. Watch for New Artist “Tiffany Fox” to do a female rap Takeover!!!

And then as if that wasn’t enough, Chris Brown goes into rapper mode to deliver yet another braggadocios guest verse. For her part Brandy swaggers like we haven’t heard her swagger before, matching the beats boldness with smooth yet forceful lines. (We’re a long way from I Wanna Be Down.) So how about it DJBooth Nation? Will Put It Down be just the thing Brandy needs to help make the release of her upcoming Two Eleven album a huge success when it drops this summer? We’ll find out soon in the comments and rating below – have at it people.


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