Vanessa Bell Calloway and Director Matthew Cherry Hit the Red Carpet at #ABFF – 2012

Vanessa Bell Calloway (actress) and Matthew Cherry (Director) The Last Fall

Congrats to Matthew Cherry are in order for his Nomination on  “The Last Fall” for the Categories of  “Grand Jury Prize Best Narrative Feature”, “Grand Jury Prize Best Director” and “Grand Jury Prize Best Screenplay”

The Last Fall was an amazing film starring Lance Gross (And this debut film really showed Lance as a grown a$$ man in every sense of the word MAN. Whew! Somebody fan me please! Lance Gross has certainly grown up on the big screen right in front of us over the years. He brought some serious emotions to the table and I was seriously tearing up. I LOVE IT!!! Great job! Vanessa Bell Calloway was a very believable mom and let’s just say “SHE DID THAT”! You know a Black Family would not be complete without making Keith David the father. The cast and story line and DIRECTING was Incredible! This film is definitely a MUST SEE!

Vanessa Bell Calloway (Actress) The Last Fall #ABFF2012

Host. Vanessa Bell Calloway, Mari Morrow, Matthew Cherry (Director) The Last Fall

Mari Morrow, Russ Parr, and Vanessa Bell Calloway

Lisa Sorenson (Publicist for ABFF and “To the Stars” and Mari Morrow

Mari Morrow and Vanessa Bell CallowayMari and Simon “Buckhead Bottle Bar” Restaurant Owner -Atlanta

Mari Morrow , BET “Let’s Stay Together” actor Christian Keyes and Publicist – Jonell PR (Atlanta/LA)


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