365 Black McDonald’s Award Show- Behind The Scenes with Sunseeker Media’s Bart Phillips & Host Laz Alonzo

Red Carpet Award Show 365 Black Awards “McDonald’s Honoree Award Show” Celebrates Philanthropy

Bart Phillips CEO of Sunseeker Media TV served as Executive Producer of this 1st time Web Series Award show in New Orleans, LA. Every year McDonald’s has a luncheon that typically kicks off the Essence Festival. This year McDonald’s decides to take things a step further and have an award presentation to honor those who give back to the community in a large way. Let’s take a look behind the scenes with Bart Phillips and his production team at Sunseeker Media TV

As with any great production there must be a plan in place “If you fail to plan then Plan to Fail” Those words are not an option when it comes to a Sunseeker Media Production. Bart Phillips takes the lead in meeting with the Team.

Tank prepares his speech as presenter for the McDonald’s exec to receive their award. Stage Manager and Bart Phillips ensures everything is A-Ok on the stage. Check out the beautiful layout

Do you think Tank was nervous? Not a chance. But he did make sure the associate producers got it right backstage

“Now you do know what T.A.N.K. stands for right?” 

Another Meeting? This time I bet it’s about the Sound Check. Oh and the Band was incredible BTW!

Alexis and Erin Jones sang background with Palmer (You remember Floyd right? From Tyler Perry’s Plays? I bet you didn’t know he could sing like that. Check out the award show to really seem them get down.

Your incredible amazing Host of the Event would be the sexy talented actor “Laz Alonzo” and Co-Host Roland Martin on the Red Carpet was VH1’s Janell Snowden (What a beautiful name)

More planning, more meetings, Stage manager Monty and associate producer Gieava Stinchomb meet with Janell Snowden (I take it something was That-a-way) I believe they are pointing at Roland Martin- Let’s Get into Part II of the Show


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