Model Sues Selita Ebanks For Fight Over Terrance J from 106 and Park!!!

Vicotria Secret model Selita Eubanks don’t play when it come to her man! SHE ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!

Last November, a model by the name of Liza Izirray went to the media and told all the business about Selita Ebanks saying that Selita was not a classy women and punched her in the nose in a Miami club after a conversation that Liza had with Terrance J from 106 and park. Can we say drama!!! This sounds a little skeptical especially since Liza has waited 9 months to take action. Liza is suing Selita for pain and suffering and medical bills.

According to Liza, Selita had been drinking that night and went from 0 to 60 once she saw Liza speaking to her boo:

“I was in so much pain. My pillow was covered in blood.”

“When [Selita] saw me, she said, ‘Don’t be kissing my man.’ I said to myself, ‘So what, that’s my friend.’ That’s when she hit me on the nose. I went to swing back — that’s when all her friends jumped in. I felt hair pulling and fists coming at me. I’m so angry, because she thinks she can get away with anything. You shouldn’t be allowed to put your hands on anyone for no reason. Me saying hello to someone doesn’t give you the right to hit me.”

Liza is also mad at Terrence:

“He did nothing.  I even texted him later that day to tell him that wasn’t cool and asked him what the hell was up with Selita.  I never disrespected either of them.  He never responded.”

Meanwhile, Selita’s lawyer is questioning why Liza would wait so long after the alleged incident to sue.  He says her claims in the lawsuit are “baseless” and are “nine moths old and completely without merit.”

Selita & Liza


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