Love & Hip Hop Episode 8 Recap

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday Night was drama infested of course. However this particular episode there were punches thrown and all… We gone talk about all the highlights of the night.

The show begins with Karlie meeting Joseline to clear things up so they can start working together. Joseline was being her normal self attitude and all, had a smart rebuttal  for everything Karlie had to say. However Karlie started speaking about her relationship with Benzino and then things started to go smooth.

Rasheeda meets up with Lil Scarppy to talk business however Scrappy has his new boo thang in the studio with him. HMMMMM….. Shay and Scrappy Kissing and Rasheeda feels like should she tell Erirka about what she saw or what?  Ericka is her homegirl. Rasheeda gives it to Scrappy speaking the real about him and Ericka. Rasheeda perfoms with  Lil Scrappy at Pearl for his mix tape release party.

Rasheeda informed the girls about the situation regarding Scrappy and his Boo Shay. K Michelle takes it upon herself to meet with Erika and update her regarding Scrappy and Shay. Messy you can say that fareal. Ericka expressed words describing Scrappy as

“Thats how he is, thats how he roll”.

The only person who flip-flops more than Rasheedais Mitt Romney.

Rasheeda brings Kirk in to meet with Deb in episode 8, she feeds him to the slaughter and THEN tries to act like she didn’t know what was gonna happen when they walked in there.For once, we’re Team Kirk here.

All Rasheeda can do is repeat “we need to move forward”  but what does moving forward even mean?! After 20 years, how the hell has Rasheeda NOT figured out how to move her own career forward?

Is Kirk really the problem or is it Rasheeda? Cause she’s starting to smell like the spoiled milk here, not him.

In the end, sensing that no matter what he does he’ll blamed for Rasheeda’s failures, Kirk tells Rasheeda that she’s free to do whatever she wants to do, which includes being managed by Deb.


The sick and twisted love triangle that is Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J took yet another wild turn at the end of episode 8 on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” when Joseline decided to transform into Mike Tyson and started boxing the hell out of Stevie J’s  head. The producers could hardly tear her french manicured tips from his head.

This whole mess went down because Stevie had the bright idea of inviting his jump-off (Joseline) and his baby mama (Mimi) together for a joint therapy session.

So when Mimi sternly told Joseline that she was in fact still living with Stevie, Joseline La Furiousa came unhinged because “Steebie” had just been at her house two days ago asking for a ride on her choo choo train.

Mimi foresaw the shit storm that was about to ensue, so she just sat her happy ass down, leaned to the left out of harm’s way and waited for the fireworks and they sure didn’t disappoint.


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