Roger Bobb the Producer Remaking a Very Popular Love Story????

src=”” alt=”” width=”181″ height=”278″ />According to our friends at Indiewire Roger Bobb may be on board to remake a very popular Love Story. Bobb was recently spotted at Merge in LA and when doing an interview he hinted about this new project but didn’t give any details. Frank Holder with the HumorMill was trying to hold out for the exclusive but no comment from Bob yet, so I guess Frank decided to just spill the beans in hopes Roger would come forward. No comment yet from Bobb. Check out the video interview below the article:

Former Executive Vice President of Tyler Perry Studios, Roger Bobb, who left the company earlier this year to start his own film production company called Bobcat Films, made his feature film directorial debut with a project titled Raising Izzie – a film that premiered on the GMC (Gospel Music Channel) in July.

Bobb certainly isn’t stopping with that film, and, as you’ll find out in the below video interview with Humor Mill TV, has a few projects in the pipeline; but one he mentions that got my attention was his revelation that he’ll be remaking a “very popular black love story,” although he doesn’t say what that “very popular black love story” is.

He tells Humor Mill TV that he’ll be giving them the exclusive on that project at the end of the month, which would’ve been at the end of August, just a few days ago, because the interview was recorded during the week of the Merge Summit in LA, on August 23 – 25. It doesn’t seem like he’s said anything yet, because Humor Mill TV doesn’t have any updates on the project; but it is a holiday weekend, so maybe we’ll know something this week.

The first question we all have is probably what “very popular black love story” Bobb is talking about remaking. We figured that it might be the Mahogany remake that we alerted you to about a week ago, which Suzanne de Passe optioned the rights to, and is producing via her de Pass-Jones Entertainment production company. No director was attached to the project when we wrote about it, so it could very well be that Roger Bobb is their guy.

We also learned that Suzanne de Passe was also in attendance at the Merge Summit where Roger Bobb was as well, when he had the interview below. Of course that doesn’t mean much, since plenty of black Hollywood people were there, but it was worth mentioning.


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