Kim Zolciak ‘s Mom is Sueing Over Visitation To See Her Grandchildren?? GTFOH

News Flash! The Doll FunkyDineva has just hit us with breaking news story that Kim Zolciak’s mom aka “Wake Up the Baby at the Wedding for No reason because you didn’t wanna use one of the other 5 bathrooms” Please have several seats OUTSIDE the house “Ms Unthankful”‘Mother of Kim Zolciak… had the nerve to march down to the courthouse of fulton county alledgely to file papers to see her grandkids as she has NOT and probably will not “anytime soon” see Baby Kash! (I guess she wants to wake him up too). WOW

And I here she is lawyerless “yeah Momma Zolciak” let us know how that works out for you. Check out some of the T Funkydineva dished out :

Word on the street is that Kim has not talked to her mother since then, has completely cut her off, and moreover has not allowed her any grandma time with any of the grandchildren. What’s even more disheartening, is that Kim has recently given birth to her fourth child and sources say Karen has not seen the baby at all. I guess Karen has had enough with Kim & Kroy’s antics and has decided to take legal action, but does she have any true legal recourse? Catch these T’s.

A friend of The Doll’s, Tamara Tattles, who always takes her time and extensively researches things reported on her site:

On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, Karen Zolciak sued Kim Zolciak Biermann in Fulton Superior Court seeking visitation rights over her granddaughters. It is a pro se filing, meaning she has no lawyer representing her. According to a legal source familiar with the filing, “ Plaintiff is seeking the right to regularly see her granddaughters, who are the daughters of Kim Zolciak Biermann, who is a star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The girls live such a crazy, abnormal life being on T.V., they need a normal haven to relax and unwind and just be kids. Plaintiff was portrayed as a bad person on defendant’s show Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding which featured defendant’s wedding to Kroy Bierrman. In addition, plaintiff claims she has not seen defendant’s new baby since he was born.”

I’m curious to know what the root of this matter is. CLEARLY this issue stems far deeper than Karen sneaking in the house to use the bathroom. I have also heard on the streets of Atlanta from various trusted sources that Kim allows Kroy to talk to Karen any kind of way. One source went on to say that on the day of the wedding, Kroy cussed Karen the F*** out! No Gawd Miss Kim!!

No matter what the adults are going through, the children should never be used as pawns to hurt the other. Again, we don’t know the full extent of whats going on, so I am not going to pass too much judgement. However, regardless the circumstances, this is just wrong. See, If Kim and NeNe were still friends, she would not have had this problem. NeNe could have worked security with her 9 ft tall a**. lol

See the infamous scene where Kim has the police called on her mother below:


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