Happy Birthday Tyler Perry!!! 43 Years Old and Getting Better Everyday!!!!

                        Tyler Perry “Yes” He was actually a baby at some point in his life. Probably a very long baby and boisterous but yes he was a precious little baby 43 years ago. Little did he know that that 40 years later CNNwould say this about him; Funny thing the title of the article was :

Perry’s greatest accomplishment has nothing to do with business

Tyler Perry is known today as the first African-American to own a major film and TV studio. He’s a pioneer whose own life story is a rags-to-riches tale that reads like a screenplay.

Now a writer, actor, director and producer — Perry’s success grew out of a troubled home in a poor neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. Strong on faith, Perry named his first play “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” after an old Negro spiritual. It was a gospel musical about two adult survivors of child abuse. To read everything By Andy Segal CNN had to say please click the link above.

Since 2004 reported CNN …(THAT WAS ONLY 8 YEARS AGO) 

In 2004, he started looking for backers for his first movie project “Diary of Mad Black Woman,” a story about a devoted wife in a bad marriage. He said he faced a wall of ignorance when he pitched white executives in Hollywood. One told him the project was doomed to fail at the box office because the core audience for Perry’s stage plays — black churchgoers — wouldn’t go to the movies. Another said the dialogue for his characters was unrealistic. Though he was largely unknown to white audiences, Perry refused to play by Hollywood’s rules and demanded creative control of his projects.

He was resigned to bankrolling the project himself and selling it as a DVD when he got a call from the independent studio Lionsgate. They struck a deal and he made “Diary” for about $5 million. The movie earned 10 times that at the box office.


Tyler Perry Named Highest Paid Man In Entertainment By Forbes

Tyler Perry can add another title to his growing list of accomplishments. Money magazine Forbes has named him as the highest paid man in entertainment. Forbes contacted lawyers, producers, agents, and industry insiders to compile the list, which counts income before taxes from May 2010 to May 2011.

During the past year, Tyler has made $130 million from his various projects, including movies, television shows, and production deal with Lion’s Gate. His closest competition was producer Jerry Bruckheimer(Pirates of the Caribbean) who came in at #2 with $113 million made.

Also on the list were Steven Spielberg, Elton John, Simon Cowell, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Tiger Woods.

Tyler will have an acting role in the upcoming film I, Alex Cross, and is in talks for his own cable networkchannel.

Congrats to Mr. Perry and Happy Birthday!! 




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