Did 6 Members of the Miami Northwestern High School’s Marching Band Get Hood-Winked by Juicy J’s “Bandz Will Make Her Dance Video?

Apparently the band members of the  Miami Northwestern High School Band were approached about someone getting some footage of them to be used in a Drumline Music Video. Little did they know the video would be integrated with Strippers, Questionable Lyrics and whatnot..Wow?? Really? What was especially upsetting was the unauthorized use of he school’s logo. According to Boombox.com the Video Production company did give permission to use the footage that was shot on a bluescreen. However, no one requested final approval. Nor did anyone obviously do their research to see that Lil Wayne, and 2Chainz would be a part of this video that mostly discusses and highlights strippers. (When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong) For Real…

check out some of the article from Boombox (click the link to read the entire article)

The video was released Sunday (Sept. 23) and according to the Miami Herald, neither the participants nor school officials were properly informed about the video’s explicit messages.

John Schuster, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, said administrators were told the video would be “a drum line type video.” Northwestern Principal Wallace Aristide expressed his concern that a major performer like Juicy J would deceive high school students about the nature of their performance.

“It’s just outrageous to think you have an individual take advantage of a school and students for a video,” Aristide said. “They’re playing their instruments and thinking it’s something innocent, wearing our uniforms, only later to find out they edited the video with racy content.”

Although the majority of the video is shot in a dark warehouse with makeshift poles mounted to emulate the atmosphere of a strip club, the students’ performance was filmed in front of a blue screen and later edited into the rest of the video. The song’s lyrics thematically center around strippers and strip club culture, and one of the many scantily clad women who appears in the video is porn star Alexis Texas. She also sports a T-shirt promoting the pornographic site Brazzers.



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