Who Was Love and Hip Hop Joseline Hernandez Putting On Blast for Being on the DL? Hmmmmmm (Old News Now RIght?)

@MsJoseline seems happier today! Today’s tweets were so much different than the one from the other day. Wonder who she was referring to? I guess we will never know…

My Day In LA been great a lot of great meetings. Thank God n@hitmansteviej I Luv u daddy!! U give me life. Buyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););););)


Joseline Hernandez is NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.. Well at least she wasn’t the other day.

Reality star Joseline Hernandez went a short twitter rant a few days ago where she threatens to out someone in the music industry, because she no longer wants nothing to do with them. And I’m wondering why am I turning my head + eyes to Stevie J? hmm.

See what she had to say below:
 Read more: http://gossipwelove.com/#ixzz28lhhatZR



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