Be on the Watch for the Soul Train Red Carpet Show! Check Out the Preparations!

Inspection Time! Step and Repeat! Check

Well Someone Has to check out the Step and Repeat and make sure that everything is tight and in check. Let’s walk through the red carpet checkpoints.

This is the crew, well part of the camera crew and they are learning where one of the main red carpet hosts will stand “Tamar Braxton”, Yep! This is the spot. Now which lucky photographer gets to crack up all night while filming Tamar Braxton as she interviews guests.

Lights! Camera! Action! You definitely are going to need plenty of lights to capture this night time red carpet scene. That’s smart to have sandbags holding down the lights.

Most of the time there is a sponsor or two sometimes three. What better car sponsor to have than the best car in the world “Toyota” Nice!

The red carpet crew is a big part of what makes the red carpet world go round! They are called talent escorts or if you forget then just check the name of the website.

It’s great to see happy red carpet helpers talent escorts. Smiling faces and great attitudes make the world go round or at least makes the red carpet walk go round and round and round as the talent pours in. You will definitely see this in the red carpet show that airs 1 hour before the show 11/25 7pm

Most people have meetings in the ladies room but we have meetings on the red carpet about the red carpet because we have to make sure this turns out to be an amazing SHOW!

There are really some good looking cars out here. Is this a Prius Toyota? Nice! I hear it really saves on gas.

Here are the producers! Yes the lovely field producers who make it happen during the red carpet show. See how calm cool and collective they are right now?


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