Rick Ross in GQ Magazine “Bawse of the Year” …Does This Make a Statement about the future of GQ Magazine? #IJS

Check out Rick Ross in GQ Magazine. Is it me? Am I the only one thinking what I am thinking? Well, DEVIN FRIEDMAN and PHOTOGRAPHER CHRISTIAN WEBER did a great job covering this story in GQ Magazine…read on

 Rick Ross, your album God Forgives, I Don’t was massive; your label, Maybach Music Group, blew up—was 2012 a huge year for you? “It’s been a power-player year.” And how about being named the tenth-most-powerful man in hip-hop by The Source? “I’m the typa dude who feels like he could take number two next year.” But why not number one this year? “The moves I make, I ain’t never in no rush.” Any advice for readers? “One, for Christmas go get yourself an MMG tattoo. Two, let’s all stop smoking blunts; let’s smoke out of papers.” Anything else? “Ladies, you all should just love me. Let’s all have a beautiful year, let’s get this money.” Okay, sounds good!



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