Why Choose Fisker Karma – The World’s Finest Plug In Hybrid / Gas Luxury Vehicle? Why Not? Celebrity Approved

Porsha-FiskerPorsha Stewart “Bhindi Jewellers”

BobWhitfield-FiskerBWBob Whitfield “Bhindi Jewellers”

FiskerKarma-DeeDemetria McKinney- Fisker Karma at “Bhindi Jewellers”

Bhindi-Nick-FiskerNick Bhindi “Nick the Jeweler”

Fisker-AswinMomUh Ohhhh- Fisker Attracts Everyone! Even Moms want to go Hybrid

Fisker-AshwinAshwin Bhindi “Fisker Karma”

Fisker-Karma-deedeeTime to Go For A Ride! Heyyyy where was my ride???

Greg-JBGreg is telling everyone about the car! I think he’s going to find a buyer tonight

BobW-GregNow Greg is talking to the Hybrid King “Bob Whitfield” …King of the Plug In

Greg-DeeI think Greg will close the deal…Stay tuned as the Red Carpet Slave goes undercover to the Fisker Atlanta – Car LOT!!


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