A List Celebrities Arrive for the 6th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon at Beverly Hills Hotel

OprahWinfrey-QuvenzhaneOprah Winfrey and Quvenzahne’ Wallis arrive at the sixth Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon at Beverly Hills Hotel. Check out a red carpet of nothing but A-list celebs. Either that or the photographer submitted all the photos and these were the ones Essence choose to post. So if you were on the red carpet and didn’t make the Essence list. Step your Game Up! (in my Nicki Minaj voice) But you know what she would have said….

IvanaVanzant-essenceIyana Vanzant – was probably scoping new “victims” to Fix Their Life..I wonder how many notes the A- List Celebs slid her asking for help

LaurenLondon-essenceLauren London- Well she’s never looking Baby-momma-ish! She looks quite stunning!

Gabrielle Union-essenceGabrielle Union– Feeling victorious after she let “Dewayne Wade’s” alledged Mistress “HAve It Baby”

YvetteNicoleBrown-essenceYvette Nicole Brown– Now this one’s going to be around a long time. So proud of  the Pine Sol Commercial Turned “My Community” Star! You Made it Honey!  Might I add – You Look Marvelous- (in my Billy Crystal voice)

TraceyEdmonds-essenceTracey Edmonds– Such a boss lady! Heyyyyy where’s your BFF? Connie O? side eye

tracee-ellis-ross-at-the-sixth-annual-essence-black-women-in-hollywood-luncheon-at-the-beverly-hills-hotel_420x545_58Tracy Ellis Ross– looking quite stunning and slimmer in the hip area- Is Bu Thiam still your Boo-Thang??

RosciDiaz-essenceRosci Diaz – We have got to hand it to you girl! You certainly know how to land in the right circles? Who will you be photographed with dating next week? (Oh that’s right- You still with Shaq..ok Of course he couldn’t make it (wink wink)

Mara Brock Akil-essenceMara Brock Akil! – You got a Mean Shoe Game Honey! You look Amazing! Love the dress!

AlfredWoodard-essenceAlfred Woodard definitely deserves the “Legendary Award” ..This woman is truly an icon and inspiration to other Black Women Actresses ..Congrats on your NAACP Image Award for “STILL Magnolias” You played that part girl

WendyRachel-essenceWendy Rachel Robinson– What can I say? You found that Fountain of Youth and refuse to sell some of the water to the rest of us! Come on…Hook a sista up! What would Tasha Mack do? You look great Hunty!

StarJones-essenceStar Jones- Muah! You look awesome! You even knew the right month to pay HOMAGE to the “American Heart Association” Congrats to the celebs that showed support on the red carpet.. Is that a Red Mink though? What would P.E.T.A. think?

ClaudiaJordan-essenceClaudia Jordan? Were you giving the photographer attitude girl? Or doing the pouty mouth smile? Next time just blow a kiss to the cameras! That’s a great look for you!

KeKepalmer-essenceKeKe Palmer!! Take them high heels off! You ain’t grown yet! I love you getting your Tracy Ellis Ross look on! Trying to have some little curves sprouting out in the hip area! Don’t make me get my belt! Great LOOK!

SanaaLathan-essenceSanai Lathan (I know I spelled your name wrong chile) You look awesome! Thank you for proving your toes do not have to touch the ground when you wear open front toes sandals ( They could all learn a lesson from you and Stop making excuses) You are such a lady with class, style and grace.

LALAAnthony-essenceLala Anthony- I love your individuality style! You have thick skin and you never show “you sweatin the haters”. Your momma raised you right! I love it! Look the pocketbook!

TiaMowry-essenceTia Mowry – aka Wonder Twin! You Look…Well… I’m trying to think of a phrase for the dress…ok Essence-Tric? Is that a word. I feel you were dressing for the occasion. Wanting to keep it “Grown A-woman” style. I like it!

TaytanaAli-essenceTatayana Ali- Long live the queen. I love how you keep getting new shows and your acting reflects the character..We don’t see (what’s her name on the Fresh Prince?) See! Now that’s acting! Much success on your new show! That’s got to be a barrel of laughs like the old W.S. days. Now you are old enough to enjoy the fun!

EssenceAtkins-essenceEssence Atkins– Poised, Graceful, Smart! Are you sure you are not related to Diana Ross? I would believe it. You look Amazing!

JillMarieJones-essenceJill Marie Jones– My Favorite Girlfriend! You rock!

LailaAli-essenceLaila Ali! Look at you honey! I’m loving it! I’m loving the Grown Up Comfortable in my Space. YOU! Don’t change whatever it is you are doing right now. You appear to be in a “GREAT SPACE”

Kelly Rowland-essenceKelly Rowland, Wow! What else do we expect from you except the “WOW” factor. Thanks for never disappointing.

HollyRObins-essenceHolly Robinson Peete- Such the Essence of a Real Black Woman, Philanthropist, Wife, Mom, Actress – Wow! You should be the Poster Child for the Essence Woman!

Meagan Good-essenceMeagan Good- Surprised to see you on this carpet of elegance (just used to seeing you on the Blogs) getting thrown under the bus or something… But you are a Franklin now. I guess membership has it’s privileges

Garcelle BeauvalsGarcelle Beauvais -Beauty, Beauty, Beauty! I love it!

Common arrives EssenceCommon! Common! Common! Of course you couldn’t pass up a chance to be in a room with all these lovely women. Oh and btw You Look Fantastic as Usual

Jill Scott-Red CarpetJill Scott – You Better wear them  heels Momma! What baby? You look great Jill! Such a Philly Woman. So Classy, Sophisticated, Edgy and Eccentric





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