Terri J Vaughn and Nina Holiday Productions Presents “Hamlet and Hutch” Official Trailer Starring Veteran Actor Burt Reynolds

HamletandHutch-terriCasAfter being instrumental in bringing various William Shakespeare productions to the local stage, Alan J. Sanders will portray one of the playwright’s most famous characters on the big screen. The Cartersville resident will try his hand as Hamlet for the film “Hamlet and Hutch,” which wraps up filming inside The Grand Theatre tonight and stars Burt Reynolds.  

“It’s a little surreal in the sense that it happened so fast,” Sanders, an on-air radio personality at WBHF, told The Daily Tribune News on Wednesday. “Ironically, Terri [Cox, The Grand Theatre’s program director,] has been working with this film production company for several weeks. Because they were going to come shoot, obviously there’s some planning [that needs to be done] ahead of time. And way back, three or four weeks ago she said, ‘Yes, they may need somebody,’ and I … sent them a headshot and resume but I never heard back. So I just kind of assumed they had their own people, whatever, so I didn’t worry about it.
Read more: The Daily Tribune News – White C Cartersville actor selected to join Reynolds in Hamlet and Hutch

See Press Release: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/nina-holiday-entertainment-partners-with-gdi-films-to-shoot-familyfriendly-feature-film-hamlet-amp-hutch-338634.php


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