When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!

IS THERE SUCH A THING AS ” any publicity really is good publicity?????

When TIME Magazine released its “Are You Mom Enough?” cover showing Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her three-year-old son on May 10,

the cover generated an enormous surge of talk on the Web, much of it negative. As the photo became a national trending topic on Twitter on Friday, the din ranged from tweets discussing the shocking, near-pornographic nature of the photo by some, and disgust at the concept from others.

Jarring though the photo may be, the story itself, however, is actually a profile of 70-year old Dr. Bill Sears, an “attachment parenting guru.” Rick Stengel, TIME’s managing editor, explaining the cover, told Forbes magazine, “To me, the whole point of a magazine cover is to get your attention. From the moment that we started talking about this story as a cover possibility, it was like I couldn’t get out of the meetings. There was so much opinion and passion about it, and discussion.”

Grumet seemed surprised by her sudden fame, reports the Los Angeles Times. “Oh my gosh!” she posted on her Facebook page. “Aram and I are on the cover of @timemagazine.”

However, it was clear that TIME knew exactly the sensation the cover would cause. On Friday it tweeted from @TIME: “You’ve seen the cover, but have you read the cover story by @katepickert? | ti.me/KVL4I6.”

AdAge reports that TIME said it sold more online subscriptions on May 10 than it did all of the week before. With such a bold—and arguably misleading—publicity move to create its own news cycle, TIME has proven it’s apt at both reporting and creating news.

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Drinking Donkey Semen with Urine as a Chaser. Fear Factor has gone too far. It will dare its participants to drink donkey semen, which apparently caused some doubts at the network. “They’re not even sure if they’re going to air it,” host Joe Rogan previously told EW . “It’s so over the top and ridiculous,” he also says. “When they told me, I really thought they were joking at first. I don’t know where the debate is, but NBC is not sure if they’re going to air it.” Apparently, the nays were outvoted.

They network’s decision makers clearly didn’t have any members of the American Donkey & Mule Society (ADMS) in their ranks. The advocacy group isn’t happy about the challenge. According to TMZ
ADMS’ President tells TMZ they don’t “condone use of the animals in such a manner” and adds, “We feel this is a negative event and was not well thought out by the producers.”

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WHAT’s NOT HOT is Patrick Willis Life before the NFL!

San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis,
perhaps the best linebacker in the NFL, just bought a house. Big deal? It is for Willis, who grew up in an abusive household bereft of what many of us take for granted — no running water, no electricity and, worst of all, no compassion. Forced at an early age to be a leader and fend for himself and his siblings in the face of beatings and neglect by an abusive father, Willis eventually settled in with a foster family that helped turn his life around and bring him to where he is now. Finally, his mission to find a place to call home just might have ended. E:60’s Jeff Chadiha returns with Willis to the rural Tennessee hometown where the four-time Pro Bowler’s harrowing journey began


One thought on “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!

  1. I love Fear Factor but I wonder about the contestants that sign up for that show…I mean $50K ain’t enough money to pay those doctor’s bills when they come up with diseased riddled bodies for ingesting dead road kill, semen, piss, eye balls, animal waste, bugs, rodents, etc. That can’t be healthy, sanitary or safe….oh and did I forget you have to sign your life away and can’t sue if you die or get sick from those crazy stunts? What people will do for a little bit of money. But I’m going to keep watching! LOL

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