Jennifer Williams Running Her Mouth About Evelyn Lozada

When looking for a “That’s Not Hot Topic” I knew that Necole Bitchie would be all over What’s Not Hot of the Day! Low and behold I found Evelyn Lozada fuming over her BIG MOUTH cast mate Jennifer Williams. Seemed Jennifer went so far as to call Evelyn jealous of her friendship with NeNe Leakes and Mashonda. Now I never pegged Evelyn BBW who seems very absorbed in her relationship with Chad OchoCinco to be concerned about who’s friend with the next broad. Remember before the show Evelyn was busy getting her paper at her shoe store; when she wasn’t busy getting her paper to fund the shoe store.  Seems Jennifer must have taken some of the words back because the article is now down off the Sister to Sister website and Nene Leakes has been contacted by Evelyn and verified there’s no beef with their friendship. Nene Leakes was already knowing there was no problems with her.


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